Malaria Genomics

We study malaria genomics and develop frameworks and models to analyze these data to better understand patterns of malaria transmission. Our work is focused on:

  1.  Developing epidemiological models of malaria that integrate genomic information to understand patterns of transmission to better identify infections that have a disproportionate impact on overall burden of malaria. 

  2. Understand the ability for malaria genomics to identify importation events and patterns of connectivity driven by human travel.

  3. Collection of data in Sub-Saharan Africa to work with collaborators to identify the use of various genotyping methods, statistical frameworks to quantify parasite relatedness, and the impact of population-mixing on sustained transmission.

  4. Develop novel statistical methods to integrate epidemiological (travel, infection history) and genomic information to better understand how behavior impacts disease transmission. 


Collaborating Agencies

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