CHAMPS-BD Group photo, Coxsbazar 2022

The Child Health and Mortality Prevention Surveillance Project (CHAMPS)

Every year, nearly six million children under the age of five die. The causes of these deaths often remain a mystery due to gaps in disease surveillance, death registries and data to inform evidence-based policy. This is especially true in low-resource countries, where mortality rates are highest. CHAMPS works to close these gaps by gathering scientific evidence needed to save young lives. Envisioned as a long-term program supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, CHAMPS seeks to identify definitive causes of stillbirths and child deaths through community engagement, mortality surveillance, diagnostic and laboratory innovation, and rapid, open access to data. CHAMPS transforms data into action, working with partners to use our findings to inform evidence-based solutions to save lives. Dr. Gurley is the Co-Director for the CHAMPS site in Bangladesh where this project has been underway since 2017.

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