The Infectious Disease Dynamics Group

The Infectious Disease Dynamics group is made up of faculty, post-docs, graduate and undergraduate students who are interested in the dynamics of a wide span of infectious diseases, from dengue to influenza to chikungunya, based at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. The group uses a combination of theoretical and empirical approaches to study transmission dynamics.  

Recent News

April 2015

Isabel Rodriguez-Barraquer, Luis Mier-y-Teran-Romero, and Derek Cummings had a letter, Differential efficacy of dengue vaccine by immune status, published in The Lancet. You can see the letter here.

Justin Lessler, Kate Grabowski, and Oliver Laeyendecker had HIV Shedding from Male Circumcision Wounds in HIV-Infected Men: A Prospective Cohort Study published in PLOS Med.

Kate Grabowski also had HSV-2 shedding from male circumcision wounds in Raki, Uganda published in J Infect Dis.

Oliver Laeyendecker had the following papers published:

HIV Type 1 Disease Progression to AIDS and Death in a Rural Ugandan Cohort is Primarily Dependent on Viral Load Despite Variable Subtype and T-Cell Immune Activation Levels published in J Infect Dis.

Relationship between community-level alcohol outlet accessibility and individual-level herpes simplex virus type 2 infection among young women in South Africa published in Sex Transm Dis.

Antiretroviral drug use and HIV drug resistance among HIV-infected Black men who have sex with men: HIV Prevention Trials Netwrok 061 published in J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr.

Comparison of antibody responses to HIV infection in Ugandan women infected with HIV subtypes A and D published in AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses.

The Relationship between Alcohol Outlets, HIV Risk Behavior, and HSV-2 Infection among South African Young Women: A Cross-Sectional Study published in PLoS One.

Congratulations to Andrew Azman for his promotion to Research Associate and Oliver Laeyendecker for his joint appointment as an Assistant Professor in Epidemiology at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Computer Programmer position available

Our group in the Department of Epidemiology at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health is looking for a computer programmer to help our team working on the modeling and analysis of infectious disease dynamics, working on diseases ranging from Ebola to dengue to influenza.

For more details, see the job description.

March 2015

Hannah Clapham has been awarded the Charlotte Silverman Award in recognition of outstanding commitment to public health, policy, and community outreach. Congratulations Hannah!

Justin Lessler, Shaun Truelove, and Saki Takahasi had Reduced vaccination and the risk of measles and other childhood infections post-Ebola published in Science.

Andrew Azman, Justin Lessler and Sean Moore had a letter, Outbreaks of cholera in the time of Ebola: pre-emptive action needed, published in The Lancet. You can see the letter here.

February 2015

Derek Cummings was quoted in an article in the Wall Street Journal about anti-vaccination trends and measles. You can see the article here.

Derek Cummings (PI) and Justin Lessler received a grant from NIAID. The title of the grant is Linking antigenic and genetic variation of dengue to individual and population risk.

January 2015

Justin Lessler was featured on the NPR show Morning Edition, January 12, 2015. You can listen to the story here.

Andrew Azman moved to Geneva and is now working as a visiting scholar at Médecins Sans

For more news, see the archive.

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